Take the First Step and Talk to a Health Care Provider

Share your weight-loss history with your health care provider

Documenting weight history helps to show how weight has affected your life. It also allows you and your health care provider to reflect on your personal lifestyle needs.

Your free personalized Trueweight® report includes:
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Key life events
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Current weight-loss efforts
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Weight-related health conditions
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Tips for talking to a health care provider
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Your personal history

Let's look at your weight-management history and any steps you've taken over the years to manage your weight. Looking at weight history can help people understand aspects of their behavior, food intake, and activity habits.

Sometimes, people don't realize how certain life events have affected their weight. Identifying your triggers can give you a better picture of your personal weight history.

Think back to when your weight first impacted you.

Now, think of a time in your life when you've gained weight.

Recall a time in your life when you’ve lost weight, or when you were at your lowest adult weight.

Where you are today

You are the expert on your own life. Think about how your weight might impact your health.

Understanding your personal goals

Take a minute to think about your weight-loss goals.

Last step...

You’ve already entered your weight. Please enter your height now so we can calculate your BMI.

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Tips for starting the conversation

You can partner with your health care provider to create a successful plan to manage your weight.

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During your next visit, focus on what matters to you. Consider discussing what your weight is holding you back from doing, or concerns you have about your health. You can also ask questions about your BMI.

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If you’re not comfortable discussing your weight, these tips may make it easier to start:

Describe what’s led to your request for help with weight management.

▶ Try: I’ve tried several weight-loss plans on my own and haven’t been successful long term.

Express how you feel about your weight with “I” statements.

▶ Try: I’m worried about my health, especially my risk of developing heart disease.

Assert your needs—ask for what you need directly.

▶ Try: I want to talk about weight-loss options I haven’t tried yet.

Reinforce how your request is related to other things your health care provider cares about.

▶ Try: I know you are worried about my health, too. Can you help?

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Don't wait. Do something about it now. Go to your health care provider and ask them for help. Don't be afraid, don't be ashamed because this is not something that has to do with your willpower or how much you try.