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Set Yourself Up for Continued Success

Stay motivated to maintain weight loss

Remember that weight management is an investment in yourself and your well-being—one that has benefits now and later. Consider these practical tips to help you focus on your weight-management goals:

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Reward your progress

Focusing on the positives may help you build momentum in your weight-management plan. Plan an activity that you look forward to for the next time you accomplish a goal or reach a milestone.

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Keep a journal

By tracking your progress, you may recognize a need to change your habits at certain times of the day or year.

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Review your goals regularly

You might find that your goals change over time, and that’s okay; unrealistic goals might actually discourage your progress. 

Add your family and friends to your support network

Having the right people around can help you stay on track with your weight-management plan. Try building a support network of friends and family to encourage and motivate you, or an online community where you can connect with people who have similar goals.

Better chance of success if you include friends and family

After all, you have a better chance of success if you include friends and family in the activities that make up your weight-management routine.

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Be open with your family about your goals. They may want to join you in making lifestyle changes

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Share your progress with loved ones. Celebrating milestones along your journey could help you to strive for success

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Join an online community of people with similar goals to grow your support network

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It's not just one tool that you may need—whether it's a dietician, whether it's exercise, whether it's medication. That information is out there to help you because there is no finish line. That obesity is a chronic disease, and it's a disease that you would need help with for the rest of your life.

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